A Guide to Choosing the Right Garage Door Opener for Your Home

A Guide to Choosing the Right Garage Door Opener for Your Home

Homeowners or property owners looking to upgrade their garage door opener should understand a few basics about selecting the right model. With various types, brands and exciting new features on the market, narrowing down the perfect one can be challenging without some guidance and direction. You’ll want an opener that accommodates your budget while offering features for enhanced performance, efficiency and security.

This garage door opener buying guide explores some essential considerations to determine the right option for your home or rental property. We’ll also cover some of the best garage door opener models and the different features they offer.

How to Pick the Right Garage Door Opener: Key Considerations

Your garage door is an investment in your home’s security and aesthetics. The opener you choose will directly impact your door’s functionality and tech capabilities. A few factors can inform your decision-making and ensure you select the right opener for your wants and needs. 

Here are some factors to consider when selecting a garage door opener:

1. Type

The best garage door opener will depend on your available space and the noise level you are comfortable with. Some popular types of openers include: 

  • Chain-driven door opener: This type is often the most cost-effective and uses a durable chain to open and close your door. It is best for budget-conscious consumers, those who are not as worried about noise and homes with especially heavy garage doors.
  • Belt-driven door opener: The belt on these openers allows for quieter operation than chain-driven models while still offering the same power and reliability. 
  • Jackshaft door opener: A jackshaft garage door opener takes up less ceiling space than other types. It also accommodates quieter, smoother operation. 

2. Features

Different garage door openers have unique capabilities and details that can serve various everyday needs. Explore some advanced features to look for when investing in a new opener:

  • Smart features: If you want to control your garage door from the convenience of your smartphone, select an option that has Wi-Fi connectivity and links with a mobile app. You can use these smart features to increase control, set automated schedules, monitor activity and illuminate your space. 
  • Cameras: You can find door openers with high-quality, built-in cameras that support live streaming and video storage. Some also feature two-way audio tools for real-time communication. 
  • Battery backup: A battery backup will help your household enter or exit your garage during a power outage or emergency situation. 

3. Brand and Price Point

Brand and Price Point

When choosing a garage door opener for your home, select a model from a reliable and trusted brand, such as the options available from LiftMaster. These garage door openers are built for longevity and durability, so you can enjoy peace of mind and fewer maintenance and repair needs. Investing in a high-quality model can provide long-term savings. 

Examine your budget and determine which features you’d like to introduce to your garage. Once you have a general idea of how much you can spend, you can narrow down the technologies and capabilities most essential to you and your family. 

4. Safety and Security

Security should be top of mind when selecting a new garage door opener for your home or rental property. Consider whether you’re interested in one or more of these safety features: 

  • Sensors: All LiftMaster garage door openers feature safety sensors, which help prevent accidents and injuries by stopping the door’s operation when an obstruction is present. 
  • Lights: Motion-detection and remote-control lights help illuminate your garage, simplifying parking and enhancing security. 
  • Electronic protection: Some opener models allow you to combat forced entry from the safety and convenience of your mobile device.

5. Performance

Performance is among the most important considerations when selecting the ideal garage door opener. Consider the design and layout of your home. For instance, if your garage is close to your living areas, you may want an opener that supports quiet and smooth operation. 

You’ll also want to pick a durable, vibration-free model that supports efficient operation. A fast, reliable opener can accommodate and streamline your family’s busy daily routines. 

6. Installation

Professional installation is always best when it comes to your garage door and opener. These systems are extremely heavy and can be dangerous if you are not well-versed in installation best practices. An expert will ensure your opener suits your door’s weight, size and materials. 

If you’re still uncertain about how to choose the right garage door opener for your space, consult with a professional installer. They can help you find a suitable model that’s compatible with your door and architecture. 

Top Garage Door Openers to Consider

LiftMaster is an industry-leading brand for quality garage door openers. It equips its models with innovative features to support reliable and convenient operation. 

Learn more about some of the top openers from LiftMaster:

  • AC Chain Drive 81650 Wi-Fi Garage Door Opener: This model works with the myQ® app and enables you to control the door from your smartphone. It works with Amazon Key for secure package deliveries, and its DC motor supports virtually silent operation. 
  • AC Chain Drive 85870 Wi-Fi Garage Door Opener: This option was created for the heaviest garage doors. It features the strongest motor in the LiftMaster lineup and an I-beam rail system for optimal support and functionality. 
  • Elite Series 98022 Wall Mount Wi-Fi Garage Door Opener: The Elite Series is a sleek, compact jackshaft door opener. It takes up less space than other models and can connect to your home Wi-Fi. This opener also features various security features, including motion-detection lighting. 
  • Secure View™ Ultra-Quiet 87504-267 Smart Opener: If you want a high-tech opener with a camera, battery backup and corner lighting, this model is ideal. It links with Amazon Key, and you can use the built-in camera to monitor your deliveries. 
  • Secure View™ Ultra-Quiet 84505R Smart Opener: This advanced opener has a powerful belt drive system, quiet operation and a camera for monitoring your space. It also features two-way audio to streamline communication from your smartphone to your garage. Its integrated LED lighting helps illuminate your space and enhance security. 

Consult With the Experts From Quality Door Company

Consult With the Experts From Quality Door Company

If you’re interested in upgrading your garage door opener, turn to the expert technicians at Quality Door Company. We’ve served homeowners and property owners in Western Michigan for more than 40 years, and our customers count on us for the highest-quality services and products.

Our garage door experts can help you determine which LiftMaster opener model suits your home or rental property best. We also offer professional installation services so your garage is functional as soon as possible.

Are you ready to install a new LiftMaster garage door opener? Browse the inventory from Quality Door Company, and request a complimentary estimate online today. 


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