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Garage Door Panel Replacement and Repairs in West Michigan

A garage door is made of many moving parts that function as one. Panel sections are the largest component of your garage door, and a quality garage door typically has at least four. When one section becomes damaged, you may be wondering if a repair or total garage door replacement is in order.

You may be able to repair single panels instead of resorting to a replacement — at Quality Door Company, we can help you decide what course of action is best for your situation. 

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When to Replace Garage Door Panels Versus Repairing Them

If you notice damage on a panel section from below your overhead door when it’s open, you’ve probably considered fixing just that one panel. While you certainly can in some cases, other situations may call for a full garage panel replacement. Here are a few key considerations.

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It may be more economical to replace the entire door. If you’re looking to improve long-term functionality or boost curb appeal, a garage door replacement may be the better choice. 

When It’s Appropriate to Replace a Garage Door Panel

Here are a few situations in which a complete garage door section replacement may be in order:

  • You notice large dents on multiple panels.
  • The garage door panels are sagging.
  • Your garage door model is over 15 years old with no replacement parts.

When A Garage Door Panel Repair Would Be Necessary 

The need to repair a garage door panel section is best considered on a case-by-case basis. Sometimes it’s possible to replace the garage door

 panel that is damaged. However, the final look or cost of the new panel may not be ideal depending on the situation — and there may be other garage door parts that need service.

If you are considering a garage door panel repair, reaching out to a professional is essential. Our team will inspect the door to make sure other parts are operating efficiently and that the malfunctions lie solely with the panel. If you need a garage door section repair or replacement, schedule an appointment with Quality Door Company today. 

Why It’s Important to Repair or Replace Damaged Garage Door Panels

Replacing your entire overhead door is beneficial for security and cosmetic reasons. By enlisting the help of a garage door repair specialist, you’ll know for sure if your garage door is fully functional and safe to use. 

Ensuring the safe operation of your overhead door will protect you and your family as well as any belongings or vehicles you may have stowed in your garage. 

Calling a professional as soon as you notice broken or malfunctioning garage door panels may help you save on repair costs in the future.

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For over 30 years, Quality Door Company has been servicing and installing overhead doors and openers in Holland, Grand Rapids, Muskegon and South Haven, Michigan. 


Let us help you decide whether a panel repair or a total replacement is needed. Reach out to our team online or request a free estimate today.

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