Garage Door Cable Repair

Garage Door Cable Repair and Maintenance in West Michigan

Garage door cables work along with drums, springs and other components to raise your garage door. The cables and drums do the lifting while the springs provide strength and counterbalance. Drums and cables must be in good condition, as they are responsible for supporting and lifting the garage door.

At Quality Door Company, we want you to enjoy a properly functioning garage door year-round. That means knowing when a repair or replacement is in order. 

Signs Your Garage Door Cable Needs a Repair

To find out if your garage door cable needs repair, inspect the cables that run alongside the door. If you see visibly frayed cables or notice any worn strips hanging on the side of the door, call a professional for an inspection right away.

Look for these common signs to determine if your garage door cable needs repair:

  • Door misalignment: If you hear a scraping noise or notice your garage door is lurching instead of moving slowly, it may be a sign of misalignment and an issue with the cables. 
  • Defective bearings: Defective bearings can cause significant wear and tear on your garage door cables. Symptoms of a faulty bearing include squeaking or grinding in the bearings when the door is moving, visible wear on the cables themselves, or a slight burning smell. 
  • Cables Came Off: If you notice that your cables are falling around your door, the cables may be loose or malfunctioning. If you see the cables have fallen off the drums, call a professional for garage door repair right away. 
  • Garage door malfunction: Your cables might need to be replaced if your door moves irregularly or not at all. If your door slows down significantly or moves too quickly, it’s a good idea to call a professional. 
  • Loud noises: If you hear a loud bang come from your garage door and don’t know the cause, it could be an issue with the spring or cables. If you are unsure of the sound’s origin, it’s essential to call a garage door specialist immediately.

Importance of Replacing Fayed or Damaged Garage Door Cables

Loose or frayed cables can lead to your garage door breaking down, and it’s important to call in a specialist to keep your family and property safe. 

Garage door cables ensure the safety of the high-tension springs, especially in the case of older style extension springs. A cable will cause the spring to slide down rather than fly out into the garage if it breaks. Safety is the main reason why cables need to be in good working condition.

Schedule Your Appointment for a Garage Door Cable Repair or Replacement 

If you find that your garage door cable is broken, always call a professional to inspect the damage before trying to open and close the door as usual. Operating a garage door with a broken cable could result in a more costly repair in the future. 

For over 30 years, the professionals at Quality Door Company have helped West Michigan homeowners and businesses remedy faulty garage door cables to ensure safe, efficient operation. We provide residents throughout Muskegon, South Haven, Holland and Grand Rapids with garage door and opener replacements, service and repairs.  

Reach out to our team for professional cable repair today. 

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