Garage Door Insulation Service

Many homeowners could use their garages for more than parking if the temperature were bearable. Business owners share a similar climate concern with their need to protect temperature-sensitive goods like meats, dairy, technology and pharmaceutical products. Quality Door Company can help with our insulation service for garage doors.

Residential and Commercial Garage Door Insulation in Michigan

Save money, store items correctly and enjoy a better atmosphere in your garage in HollandSouth HavenGrand RapidsMuskegon and surrounding areas. At Quality Door Company, our expert technicians serve them all.

Our foam board insulation is popular among homeowners and business professionals alike. These thin polystyrene boards install directly to door panels and provide excellent insulation. Their lighter weight also means no excess stress on your door or its opener. Since we can cut them to size, a custom fit is effortless.

How to Tell Whether Your Garage Door Needs Insulation

Garages often share walls with our living and working spaces. When they open and close several times a day, they can be a significant source of energy loss. Insulation is one of the best solutions to improve energy efficiency. Consider insulation if:

  • You notice frozen liquids: If you store water or other liquids in your garage, check them during the colder months. Any sign of freezing makes your door a good candidate for our insulation service.
  • You feel drafts by the door: Call us when you notice light or air coming in around the door edges. We’ll inspect your weatherstripping while adding your insulation. If it needs replacing, we’ll take care of that at the same time.
  • You use the garage as extra living space: Some homeowners use their garages as an extension of their home and install supplemental heating and cooling. If you’ve invested in that, support it with additional insulation on the garage door.
  • You use the garage as extra food storage: Many people buy in bulk and grow gardens. When your garage becomes part pantry, the food and canned goods you keep there need consistent temperatures.

Benefits of Insulating Your Garage Door

Insulating a garage door provides many benefits for homeowners, including:

  • Lower energy bills: Alter your garage’s internal temperature by as much as 12 degrees, reducing your energy consumption.
  • Less noise: Enjoy a quieter experience during entries and exits, and add an extra barrier against outside noise interfering with your inside peace.
  • A better space for storage and hobbies: Work in a comfortable garage-based shop, and protect valuables from extreme temperatures to preserve their integrity.

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Schedule Your Garage Door Insulation Service Today

Who knows the climate in Western Michigan better than the people who live and work here? That’s why you can count on the expert technicians at Quality Door Company for your garage door repair and service, installation or insulation. Our skilled team knows what it takes to recapture lost space, provide a more comfortable experience and protect temperature-sensitive products. Schedule your appointment now by calling 616-399-3157, or request an estimate today to get started.

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