Doors for Universities and School Institutions

Doors for Universities and School Institutions

Doors for Universities and School Institutions

Universities and schools require safe, durable doors to provide a conducive learning environment. Today’s selection of doors provide more options than ever to suit your school’s needs, budget and style. 

Schools of all types and sizes require a variety of doors to fit various needs across campus, such as residential housing, classroom privacy, entry and exits and more. Some of the most common doors for school campuses include entry, residential and commercial garage doors. Some institutions also install security grilles, counter doors and counter shutters for additional security or choose doors with energy-efficient qualities to save energy and reduce operating costs.

 The more you know about each type, the easier it is to make the right choice. Let’s look more closely:

Commercial Doors for Schools

Commercial doors come in many types and sizes for various applications. You might consider one or more of the following for a cafeteria, maintenance building, storage shed, school supply store or similar. 

1. Counter Doors and Shutters

Commercial counter doors and shutters are reliable, stylish and offer a versatile approach to on-campus interior security. You can add smoke controls to aid fire containment, helping with regulatory compliance and creating a safer environment for all.

Some models even have built-in integral frames and countertops fit window openings without field assembly, saving a lot of time. Most counter doors and shutters operate via push-up or hand crank. 

2. Energy Series Doors

With approximately 100,000 public schools making up 5% of the United States’ commercial building energy consumption, energy savings have become paramount for many institutions. Insulated doors stabilize indoor temperature and cut down the consumption of energy. 

Commercial doors in the Clopay® Energy Series have high-quality polystyrene insulation, three-layer construction and thermally broken section joints for enhanced energy efficiency. Modern technology allows polystyrene or polyurethane insulations to control the amount of heat that enters the building. Dense insulation also enhances resistance to sound intrusion, making rooms quieter. These doors are versatile and durable, with various panel and window options available. 

3. Security Grilles

Many school officials opt for security grilles since they combine accessibility and security while offering easy operation and minimal ongoing maintenance.

Open-air security grilles offer advanced security while allowing air circulation and full visual access. Complete closure models provide enhanced protection and limited visual access — it all comes down to preference. 

Commercial Garage Doors for Schools

Commercial Garage Doors for Schools

Schools or institutions with workshops and auto shops, like trade schools, typically use commercial-style garage doors. The same is true for campus security and school bus shelters. Depending on the application, you might use commercial overhead doors with fire protection features, rolling shutters, sectional designs or high wind load capacity. In any case, consulting a trusted expert for assistance is an excellent starting point.

Full-view doors — like those from the Clopay Architectural Series — offer an alternative to traditional commercial garage doors. They are common in areas where you want to maximize natural lighting and maintain visibility, like food courts or lobby areas. Full-view styles are available in steel and aluminum, each with different levels of insulation, durability and glass tempering.

Entry Doors in Schools and College Residential Halls

Whether you’re considering doors for resident halls or academic buildings, entry doors are essential across your campus. Common materials include fiberglass, wood, aluminum and steel, and most doors are versatile enough to customize to your school’s existing architectural design. 

Entry Doors by Design Style

If appearance and style are important parts of your school’s features, consider these entry door favorites:

  • Rustic: Rustic style retains a traditional feel with a touch of contemporary fittings. Rustic fiberglass entry doors may be inspired by Mediterranean or American Southwest architecture and often feature various panels and an attractive solid wood look. Rustic fiberglass entry doors are also insulated and durable, capable of withstanding shrinks, splits, rots and cracks. 
  • Craftsman: Craftsman-style entry doors are ideal for schools with a mission, bungalow or transitional-style architecture. Classic Craftsman designs feature wood or wood-like materials and rectangular windows with panels to establish depth. 
  • Smooth: Smooth fiberglass entry doors are the optimum choice for schools with contemporary architectural designs. They offer a clean, modern look with their smooth surfaces, rail lines and stile. These doors are engineered to last a lifetime, insulated with polyurethane foam and available in varying styles and glass options. They also have about 18 painting options and offer all the benefits of fiberglass. 

If you’re remodeling an existing room, building or other unit, be sure to choose doors that blend with the existing style and layout.

Entry Doors by Material

If your school’s focus is longevity and maintenance, consider shopping for elementary and university campus doors by material. You can often combine multiple materials to achieve a desired look. The materials you select directly impact the door’s durability, maintenance, design and cost. 

Fiberglass and steel are two timeless options for campuses:

  • Fiberglass: The Arbor Grove™ fiberglass collection has the look and feel of natural wood grains with its random grain depths and all-natural wooden characteristics. Depending on your preferred glow and shade, these doors are available in multiple grain details, including cherry, mahogany and oak. These fiberglass doors are insulated with CFC-free polyurethane foam core, making them impervious to moisture and UV-resistant. 
  • Steel: Steel is known for two things — strength and aesthetics. Steel entry doors are ideal for schools that prioritize security. They may also help reduce energy bills and maintenance costs. Beyond that, they feature beautiful high-definition paneling for unique styles and shadow lines.

Residential Doors in Schools and Universities

Most schools in the U.S. use residential doors to secure and restrict access to private offices, dorms and student housing units. When choosing a residential door, consider the materials available and select one that best fits your needs. Steel and aluminum doors ensure maximum comfort and security without compromising aesthetics. Additionally, you can insulate the doors to reduce energy consumption or install fireproof models for optimum protection against fire.

The doors you select may also depend on where you install them. While soundproof materials such as glass may be ideal for music classrooms, sports areas and laboratory classrooms may require models that react well with fire and chemicals such as steel. 

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Doors are valuable in educational institutions to protect teachers, students, administrators and all persons on campus while offering privacy, security and style. Quality Door Company takes the load off your shoulders and helps you make an informed decision. 

As a Clopay® Master Authorized Dealer®, we offer only the best doors for your school or commercial property. Contact us now to learn more, or request an estimate today!

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