How Long Do Garage Door Springs Last?

Garage door springs are small garage door parts with a big job. Opening and closing your garage door applies a lot of force to your garage door springs over time. If they break or snap, your springs can no longer move the door, which is one of the leading causes of garage door malfunction.

If you hear a spring break or think your garage door springs’ life span is near its end, contact the professionals at Quality Door Company. We offer standard and emergency services to handle all of your garage door spring issues. Our team of expert technicians has the training to service and replace springs for all makes and models of garage doors.

Different Types of Garage Door Springs

There are two types of garage door springs:

1. Torsion Springs

Torsion springs turn as your garage door closes and store wound-up energy. If your garage door uses torsion springs, they use collected power to open the garage door. When torsion springs properly balance a garage door, the garage door is easy to open and close. Torsion springs sit either above the garage door or in the back of the garage, and they typically last longer than extension springs.

2. Extension Springs

Extension springs run along horizontal tracks that attach to your garage door brackets with cables. In some cases, they are mounted above the garage door tracks. Generally, if your garage door springs are on either side of your garage door, you have extension springs.

Extension garage door springs pull the garage door up and control its descent during closing. As your garage door closes, these springs stretch out fully. As your garage door opens, the springs contract and pull the garage door up. Extension springs stay outstretched while the door is closed, so they experience significant pressure. Constant pressure leads to damage over time.

How Long Do Garage Door Springs Last?

The life span of garage door springs depends on many factors, including:

Usage Frequency

On average, extension garage door springs last 10,000 open-and-close cycles, which is about three to five years for most home and business owners. If you open your garage door on average about twice daily, then your springs can last over 13 years. If you open your garage door six times a day, the springs may last only about 4.6 years.

With more homeowners using their garage doors as the primary entrance to their home, many find their garage door springs wear out within five years or less because of the heavy use.

Type of Spring

The type of spring will also impact garage door springs’ life span. In general, torsion springs last longer than extension springs because they are not under constant pressure. Quality torsion springs can sometimes last anywhere from 15,000 to 20,000 cycles. Extended life span torsion springs can last four times as long as regular torsion springs. Having two torsion springs on either side instead of one can also put less pressure on the springs and allow them to last longer.

Maintenance Procedures

You can protect your garage door spring life expectancy with regular preventive maintenance. By replacing springs when wear and tear first occur, you can avoid snapped or broken springs that can prevent your garage door from opening and closing. Preventive maintenance also reduces the risk of a more expensive emergency service call.

Maintenance procedures from Quality Door Company can include:

  • Inspecting pressure levels: Professionals maintain your complete garage door system, including the springs, to ensure no component puts excessive pressure on the springs.
  • Lubricating the system: Our expert technicians lubricate the springs to prevent friction and rust, which damage garage door springs and make them wear out faster.
  • Checking spring condition: A professional will check the condition of your entire spring assembly and tell you if any parts are needing to be replaced.

When we visit your home for maintenance procedures, we do more than check your garage door springs for wear. We look at your complete garage door system. We may find another part of the garage door is not working correctly or placing unnecessary pressure on your garage door springs. In that case, our expert technicians can address the issue before it shortens your springs’ life span.

What to Do When Your Garage Springs Need to Be Replaced

When it is time to replace your garage springs, you can call the professionals at Quality Door Company for assistance. Garage door springs cannot usually be repaired. At the end of a garage door spring’s life expectancy, trained experts can detect a broken spring and replace it with a new part. The technicians at Quality Door Company ensure that you get the correct springs for your garage door and safely remove any broken or faulty springs.

You may notice a few signs when your torsion garage springs need to be replaced, including:

  • Unexpected noise: You might hear a loud bang or snapping noise when a spring breaks.
  • Ineffective mobility: Your garage door may get very heavy or stop moving entirely.
  • Visible damage: Breaks, gaps, stretched out and uneven springs are all signs to replace your springs soon.

When you notice or suspect any problems with your garage springs, contact the experts at Quality Door Company for prompt and courteous service. We strongly recommend contacting professionals for garage services to prevent accidents or damage to your garage door. Garage doors have complex systems that can be dangerous for unfamiliar property owners. The team at Quality Door Company will replace and repair your garage door springs while keeping you safe.

Contact Quality Door Company for Garage Spring Assistance

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