The Ultimate Garage Cleaning Checklist

The Ultimate Garage Cleaning Checklist

A clean and tidy garage has many benefits for homeowners. In addition to improving safety, a nicely organized space is more conducive to your family’s daily activities and helps you get more out of your property’s square footage.

Following a specific set of steps can streamline your process and ensure you tend to all of the space’s most important elements. This ultimate garage cleanout checklist can be your guide to revamping your garage today.

Phase 1: Preparation

The first phase of a comprehensive garage clean out is taking inventory of your space. As you look around, determine the types of cleaning tools you’ll need and whether there are items taking up valuable room that you can eventually get rid of.

Once you have a good understanding of the scope of your project and how long it will take to complete, you can tackle the following steps:

  1. Remove trash: Throw out any miscellaneous trash or recycling items you can quickly get out of your way, such as cardboard boxes or empty water bottles. 
  2. Gather your cleaning supplies: You’ll likely need an all-purpose cleaner, a scrub brush, microfiber cloths, a vacuum, a broom, and a mop. Keep these items close by so you can easily grab them as needed. 
  3. Choose the right clothes: Wear an outfit that you don’t mind getting dirty and will protect your body from any chemical cleaners you use. Depending on your garage, you may need to wear closed-toed, hard-soled shoes for this process.
  4. Dust: Dusting the area and removing any cobwebs can help keep the rest of the cleaning process easier for you and anyone else helping with this project.

Phase 2: Decluttering

A clean garage checklist wouldn’t be complete without a good declutter. Follow these steps to start refining and tidying up your space:

  1. Eliminate hazards: Begin the second phase by inspecting your garage for potential safety hazards. Take any items that pose a fire risk, such as paint, gasoline or propane, to an alternate location away from your home. Create a safe area to complete the rest of your cleanout.
  2. Remove bulky items: Take especially large and in-the-way items out of your garage for the time being. Move cars, mowers and other equipment elsewhere while getting to the bones of your space.
  3. Create piles for items you are parting with: Establish a donate, discard and sell pile. Start going through your garage, item by item. Go through shelves, drawers and containers until you narrow down everything to only the things you’ll be keeping. 
  4. Organize items you are keeping: As you embark on the decluttering process, start placing items in their designated areas. This will make putting your garage back together and organizing your belongings a bit easier later on. 


Phase 3: Deep Cleaning

With the clutter out of the way, you can begin the deep cleaning process. This phase is essential for establishing the cleanest and most functional space possible for you and your family. Explore the key checklist items below:

  1. Wipe down surfaces: Get rid of dirt, dust and debris on any surfaces, shelving or drawers. The goal is to create a clean foundation for your things when you organize them into their permanent storage locations. 
  2. Scrub windows and doors: Next, tackle your windows with a glass cleaner and soft microfiber cloth. Remove any pollen, bird droppings, dirt or debris. Consult the manufacturer’s instructions for how to clean your garage door properly and safely — don’t use a pressure washer, abrasive scrubbers or harsh chemicals. Also, make sure to remove any debris from the tracks for proper operation.
  3. Remove stains: If you have oil or grease stains on your garage floor from your car or lawn mower, it can be beneficial to tend to these imperfections during the cleanout. The best way to remove these tough stains will depend on the type of garage flooring you have. 
  4. Wash the floors: Sweep or vacuum any loose debris from the ground, and use a mop to wash away anything left behind.

Phase 4: Organizing

After decluttering and deep cleaning your garage, it is time to start the organization phase. How you design and set up your space will determine how functional and easy to maintain it is. In the following steps, you’ll find tips for keeping your garage clean and well-organized:

  1. Install any storage solutions: If you need to introduce additional shelving or racks to increase garage storage, do that now. Ensure you install these solutions securely before adding your items. Consider creating labels to help you identify where certain items are more efficiently.
  2. Arrange your space: Place your items in their designated locations, keeping things as neat and orderly as possible. Your garage organization process should optimize your available space while making the items you need regularly easy to access.
  3. Create designated areas: When adding items back into your garage, consider dedicating different zones to specific purposes. For instance, keep sports equipment, tools and car-related items in their own corners or shelves.

Phase 5: Maintenance

The final phase is all about maintenance. Garage upkeep is important for keeping your systems operating reliably and ensuring the space is secure and functional at all times.

  1. Test your garage door: Inspect your garage door for cosmetic issues and ensure it functions properly. Listen for any strange noises or especially loud motor sounds. Check to see if the door is well-balanced and moving smoothly. If you notice anything unusual, schedule repair services promptly.
  2. Check lights: Test your indoor and outdoor garage lights. Replace any burnt-out bulbs and ensure you can adequately illuminate the space at night.
  3. Schedule preventive maintenance: Keeping up with a preventive maintenance routine for your garage door can extend its working life span and ensure it operates properly when your family needs to use it. Having an expert technician inspect and service your door at least once a year is key.

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