Signs It’s Time for a New Entry Door 

Signs It's Time for a New Entry Door

The front door of your home is more than an inviting entrance for family and friends. It also provides security, weather protection and curb appeal for your home. Over time, entry doors can become weathered and malfunction. While you may be able to solve some issues with a repair, it might be time to upgrade your front door with a new one. 

Replacing your front door can increase your home’s energy efficiency, security and value. This article discusses the common signs to replace your entry door to help you make the decision. 

Your Entry Door Is Damaged

A good reason to replace an entry door is that it’s showing signs of damage. Doors are subject to a lot of wear and tear, from lots of traffic to the weather or getting bashed by grocery bags when you bring them inside. 

Let’s consider a few types of damage that may indicate you need to replace your entry door: 

  • Peeling paint: While repainting a door may seem like a quick fix, if your door is wood, there could be an underlying issue that a new coat of paint doesn’t solve. Wood doors expand and contract as the temperatures change, leading to warping and peeling paint that could allow moisture inside the door. If left alone, the door could rot and attract wood-eating insects. 
  • Dents: A residential door could become dented with just a well-intentioned kick to keep it open when your hands are full. Dents impact a door’s structural integrity and impact the door’s look. 
  • Squeaking hinges: You may be able to solve squeaking door hinges by applying a little lubricant or tightening ill-fitting screws. Yet sometimes, a squeaky entry door is simply failing. A nonfunctional entry door might pose a security issue by making it easier for intruders to enter. 

Your Door Poses a Security Issue

One of the most important signs to replace your entry door is that it’s causing a security issue. You could have trouble locking your front door if the door settles over time and becomes misaligned with the door jamb. You may need to replace your lock system, which could involve an entirely new door. 

Another security issue is when your entry door doesn’t fit correctly inside the door jamb. This issue could enable easier access to your home. Upgrading to a better-fitting door made of sturdy fiberglass can provide more peace of mind. 

Your Door Causes Drafts 

Your entry door should provide protection from the elements as well as from possible intruders. An entry door with gaps around the frame could allow gusts of air into your home from the outside. Drafty doors can be especially unpleasant in Michigan winters, when it’s cold for much of the year. A drafty front door also causes higher energy bills, which isn’t good for your wallet. 

If your home’s front door causes drafts, a replacement could be the perfect solution. Installing a door that fits properly and seals to keep out the weather can make your home more comfortable and lower your energy bill in the process. 

Your Entry Door Has Moisture Damage

Your Entry Door Has Moisture Damage 

Another reason to replace an entry door is the presence of moisture damage, either in the door itself or in double-paned windows. A water leak in your door may cause damage to the door or even your home, like mildew growth. 

Look for rust to determine whether your door has moisture damage. Rust on the hinges or other metal door fixtures indicates moisture has gotten into the door frame or the door seams. Rust is a sign that your door is deteriorating, which means it’s time for a replacement. 

You might also notice moisture inside the window panes on your door. If you see water droplets inside the window, you may have moisture damage due to a broken window seal. Replacing your entry door may be the best way to solve the issue. 

Your Door Doesn’t Fit Correctly 

Another of the signs to replace your entry door is that it’s difficult to open and close. A sticking door is most often due to weather-related expansion and contracting. These changes cause your door not to fit in the door jamb like it once did. A poorly fitting door also causes lost energy and drafts, making your home less comfortable.

If your door is difficult to open and close or you notice gaps around the door frame, you probably need an upgrade. Remember that gaps in your door frame can let in light, noise, drafts, insects and more. If you’re dealing with any of these issues, replacing your door could be the best solution. 

Your Entry Door Is Outdated 

The front door of your home may also need to be replaced when it looks outdated. Your entry door makes a statement in the design of your entire house. A carefully considered coat of paint or an updated style goes a long way in improving your home’s curb appeal and making a positive impression. An entry door refresh can also increase your home’s attractiveness to future buyers.

Whether you want to totally change your home’s aesthetic or just bring it into this century, here are a few front door replacement ideas: 

  • ARBOR GROVE™ fiberglass doors: A fiberglass door can emulate the grain and aesthetic of wood while providing superior protection from the elements. Our selection of Clopay® ARBOR GROVE™ fiberglass doors features the natural characteristics of wood in various grains and a wide range of panel, hardware and window options. 
  • CRAFTSMAN fiberglass doors: Craftsman architecture would be perfectly complemented by CRAFTSMAN fiberglass doors. These doors feature exquisite fir grain and stylish glass inserts. 
  • RUSTIC fiberglass doors: The cherry graining of Clopay RUSTIC fiberglass doors complements Mediterranean or American Southwest-inspired homes for a look of true craftsmanship. 

Should Homeowners Replace Their Front Door Themselves? 

If you’ve decided to replace your entry door, working with a professional is generally the best way to go. Replacing your front door yourself could lead to improper installation that doesn’t solve issues long-term. Work with an entry door installation company to benefit from front door installation by experienced technicians. 

Contact Quality Door Company for Long-Lasting and Elegant Entry Doors

Contact Quality Door Company for Long-Lasting and Elegant Entry Doors 

When your door is damaged, poses a security issue or looks outdated, replacing the front door of your home might be the best solution. An upgraded entry door protects your home, adds to its aesthetic appeal and may help lower your energy bills. 

Quality Door Company provides energy-efficient, aesthetically pleasing and low-maintenance residential entry doors for homeowners across Western Michigan. As a Clopay Master Authorized Dealer®, we offer several Clopay door collections of beautiful, high-quality entry doors. We also provide exceptional service and can help you find the right door for your home.

To learn more, contact us today or visit one of our showrooms in Holland or Muskegon. 


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