How to Program a Garage Door Keypad

If you purchase or own any modern garage door system, it likely includes a keypad installed outside your garage. These keyless entry devices provide convenience and security — anyone who knows the current personal identification number (PIN) can operate the door without using a remote control or key to unlock it. 

A garage door keypad offers several benefits for homeowners, especially in busy households where multiple individuals are coming and going throughout the day:

  • Prevents the need for extra keys to give to every member of the household.
  • Reduces concerns about lost keys — you’ll only need to enter the correct PIN to gain access.
  • Eliminates worries about missing or malfunctioning remote control units.
  • Offers the capability to link to a home’s security system for extra protection.
  • Allows access to your house to designated individuals like neighbors or delivery people — you can easily change the PIN after they leave).

Are you Ready to Program Your Garage Door Keypad?

At Quality Door Company, we’re pleased to offer innovative, high-performing LiftMaster® garage door openers to homeowners throughout western Michigan that include advanced, easy-to-use keyless entry systems. Programming a LiftMaster keypad is a simple process:

  1. Locate the Learn button, which you’ll find on the opener or the wall control unit depending on your model.
  2. Press and release the Learn button. If your opener includes a MyQ control panel for connection to a smart home system, you’ll need to perform this step twice. 
  3. Wait 30 seconds and then key in a unique four-digit pin and press the Enter button.
  4. Depending on which LiftMaster opener model you own, you’ll either see blinking lights or LED lights that turn off to indicate that the system has accepted your PIN.
  5. After 10 seconds, enter your PIN to ensure it is working correctly.

Changing the PIN at least twice a year is important to maintain your security. You should also update the code if you provide it to anyone for a one-time purpose or if you suspect that an unauthorized individual has discovered your PIN. 

Get Help Programming Your Garage Door Keypad

If you live in Holland, Muskegon or elsewhere in western Michigan, Quality Door Company is available to help with your keypad programming needs. Our experienced service technicians can walk you through the process and ensure you understand how to operate your opener correctly and safely. Contact us to request a convenient service appointment today!


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